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Cloud Power for your Website

Enhance your website with easy-to-integrate cloud services! Our offer provides you with the opportunity to enhance your website with powerful cloud services and offer your visitors an improved user experience.

Benefit from a secure and reliable infrastructure that allows your visitors to interact smoothly. With our cloud services, you can take your website to the next level and optimise your online presence.


The Web Application for Your Time Tracking 

sucuTime makes it easy for you to record your time. We offer your company a web application to quickly and digitally calculate and document your employees working hours.

Save not only costs, but also time, because sucuTime is available to you with our desktop app and mobile app, anywhere and quickly. The sucuTime desktop app for macOS and Windows quickly delivers time recordings to your system and is easy to install on multiple computers. Our free mobile app for iOS and Android is fully available to you in offline mode and transmits the data to your backend system without any problems.

We enable you to use our app in a user-friendly manner and easily use our app. We are happy to adapt our service to your customer's wishes or connect our web application with your existing system.


Your Dynamically Expandable Form System

sucuForm helps you display your dynamic forms, which you can easily create in our online kit. The forms are then made available to you for filling in on the web and in the app for iOS or Android and the entries are sent to your system without further ado.

Manage your forms quickly and easily with our service, which you can flexibly change and expand.

With sucuForm, there are no limits, from QR support to various field types such as confirmations and signatures, our service is adapted to your specific requirements.


Scheduling and Route Planning for Your Customer Visits

Our sucuTour service allows you to plan the customer visits of one or more employees in a certain period of time. Individual criteria, such as working hours, fixed appointments, distance matrices, customer priorities that are important for your planning, can be taken into account.

You don't want to miss any more appointments, show up on time with the customer and increase your customer satisfaction?

With the help of sucuGeo, we calculate the fastest routes and distance matrices for your customer visits and guarantee you an effective and stress-free working day.

The web application sucuGeoDM quickly stores the routing information between all addresses in your system and supports you in calculating the distance matrices for the sucuTour calls.


Your Cross-Product Activities Management Solution

Our sucuPin service provides you with a web application to manage your company's activities. Your activities can be linked to a resource (URL, file, program, etc.), as well as to any software product or web application.

Keep track of your activities with sucuPin and benefit from a structured way of working. Integrate sucuPin into MS Word or MS Office to manage your TODO'S in documents, or easily present your activities in dashboards with the help of Sucurema and Salesforce.

Of course, sucuPin is also applicable on all mobile devices!


Editing Your Inbound Emails

With the help of our sucuInbound solution, your outgoing e-mails are processed quickly and easily.

We offer a service that can be connected to a mail service (IMAP / POP) to load and process newly arrived emails. After processing, the mail can be sent automatically to any back-end system.

In addition, with sucuInboundUI, we enable you to create an optional web application to log and view the emails and editing results in Web UI.


The Solution for Your Email Campaigns

Our sucuMarketing solution helps you run your mailing campaigns.

With our web application sucuMarketingUI, your mailing campaigns can be configured (templates, mailing lists, campaigns, mailing jobs) and run using sucuMarketing. The reactions and bounces arriving from sucuMarketing are stored locally and can be viewed and exported.

Quite easily, we synchronize your data and integrate the web application with your system.


The Service and Web Application for Your Document Creation

With sucuDoc, we provide you with an external document server for any application. It generates your documents based on templates with placeholders and data for those templates.

Our web application sucuDocUI, on the other hand, develops and stores your templates and creates your documents using sucuDoc.


Data Storage for External Systems

The sucuData service and web application supports data storage for external systems.

sucuData equips you with an external datastore server for any application. Your data can be anonymized and/or encrypted.

Our optional web application sucuDocUI allows you to manage the data stored in sucuData.