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Many business processes, one solution

Digitalize and optimize your business processes with our Sucurema products and enable you not only to yourself, but also to enable your employees and customers to collaborate quickly and efficiently. We offer you a user-friendly application on all modern client platforms and mobile devices.

If you find that there is no suitable product for your industry yet, we would like to develop it for you!

Our products have been successfully introduced to many different companies and offer you a variety of modules to digitalize your business.

Take advantage of now and get free advice from our team!

Sucurema CRM

With our Sucurema CRM web application, not only are the basic processes of a CRM system implemented, but your company is also supported with many additional functions to digitalize all processes in your company.

The various modules enable your company to easily and quickly digitalize and manage customer contacts, projects, contracts, sales, invoices and activities.

Our consulting solution also fails to miss out on employee management, all employee data is available digitally at any time. Stress-free planning of holidays, travel expenses and time recordings is guaranteed!

You can customize the application to any area in your organization and grant the necessary permissions to ensure the best possible workflow for each employee.

Please let us advise you and we will adapt the product to your specific customer needs.

Sucurema Shop

Do you wish to improve your global online sales and customer base? With sucuShop, our highly flexible web shop solution, you can now market your desired products online.

The wait is finally over!  From start-ups to medium-sized companies, SucuShop gives you access to the digital online world and can be adjusted to anything your heart desires.

Numerous interfaces guarantee automated handling of your customer orders and optimal customer care, as well as a flexible price setting and product inventory listing.

We know what is important in order to trade online through our many years of experience in the e-commerce industry.

Let your next customers visit to the your online shop be an unforgettable shopping experience!

  • Customer Registration
  • Modern responsive design
  • Multilingual rights
  • Simple product navigation and search for options
  • Integration of existing payment systems
  • Immediate help with questions

We will be very happy to help you on your way to a better future-proof web shop solution!

Sucurema Digital Health Manager

Sucurema Occupational Medicine enables company physicians to keep an electronic health record about patients. Information from treating physicians and your patients is quickly and easily digitalized.

Manage all important forms, letters and investigations to ensure that your business processes run smoothly.

Our product offers you and your medical staff an intuitive environment and a convenient collaboration in the workplace.

Our product services at a glance:

  • Documentation of cases with one or more patients
  • Integration and data exchange with medical devices
  • Automatic creation of documents incl. QR code generation
  • Electronic forms for patient anamnesis

Many company physicians treat countless patients every day and this product helps you to get a quick overview of the patient and the course of treatment. Provide your patients with the best possible care.

Together we develop your desired product and optimize your patient management.

More from Sucurema Digital Health Manager

Sucurema Workshop

With our product Sucurema Workshop we specialize in the business processes in workshops. Our modules digitalize and structure not only your internal business processes, but also your external business processes.

Easily, manage your internal processes and your employees with the help of digital time recording and activity planning. In addition, the system allows you a quick insight into your products and stock lists.

In order to align your company with your customers in the best possible way, Sucurema Workshop supports you in the care and support of your customer relationships.

Whether small business, large-scale business, start-up or long-term company, we are happy to help you find the right solution for your workshop.

Sucurema Craftsmen

Sucurema Craftsmen is a CRM and order management solution.

This product supports craftsmen in the maintenance of your customer relationships and customer orders up to order processing. In addition, all documents such as orders, offers, invoices and letters can be easily stored digitally in the system, as well as your workload and your timesheets can be easily calculated and digitalized.

Our solution enables you to quickly process your order and give you an overall view of your business processes.

Our Sucurema team will help you choose the right modules and adapt the product to the business processes in your craftsman's business.