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We realise high-performance web applications, online shops, websites and landing pages of all kinds for you - with modern software stacks. We adapt your existing web presence or system as you wish or develop your own customised software solution for you.


Within this project, an online tool for generating drink menus was developed. The digital card designer enables the user to create individual beverage cards with a predefined design and a desired number of products. The products can be positioned in any order (drag-and-drop). The prepared print file can then be sent directly to the printer. A QR code generation can also be used to create a digital version of the card. In addition, the digital card designer is available to the user for any products.


Within the framework of this project, an online platform with a variety of functions for planning e-learnings and seminars was developed. The online platform enables users to easily organise and conduct webinars and seminars. The platform supports and automates the entire process, from the design of mailings to the creation of flyers. The application also covers participant management with different roles.


The aim of this project was to develop a tool for the creation of e-mails. The e-mail designer enables the quick and easy generation of optimised HTML e-mail content as well as e-mail templates. The user has the option of sending the e-mails directly from the web application or via other mailing and marketing tools.


In this project, a digital health file for company doctors was developed. With the electronic health file, company doctors can easily digitise information from attending physicians and their patients. In addition, the health file enables integration and data exchange with medical devices as well as automatic creation of documents and forms including QR codes for patient histories. The application is data-protection-proof and connected to various laboratory, hospital and functional diagnostic interfaces. With the use of the health file, all areas of occupational health care, such as travel medicine or the outpatient clinic, are covered.